About TOHS

Twin Oaks Continuation High School

Twin Oaks High School is a vital part of SMUSD and serves students from Mission Hills High, San Marcos High, and other students who move into this attendance area who are credit deficient or who wish for a smaller, more personalized educational setting. It is staffed with highly specialized, experienced teachers and support staff who are dedicated in providing quality education and creating a positive educational environment.

TOHS has a diverse population of 10th, 11th & 12th grade students with mixed ability levels and unique academic histories. Upon registration, all students are welcomed into the Tiger Family and strongly encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make-up missed credits, create positive work habits, learn to make appropriate decisions, plan for future careers and/or education, and to meet new friends. TOHS offers a very active after-school program, funded by a federal grant, which supports students after hours with academic assistance, career readiness, service projects, fitness and recreational activities.

TOHS has an Exemplary Award Winning Orientation Program for all incoming students and has been recognized as a Model School by the California Department of Education. Staff members are dedicated to preparing students to meet the demands of modern society by utilizing technology in the classroom and by providing a valuable alternative to a traditional high school. Students work to fulfill district credit requirements in order to graduate, or return to their traditional high school sites, and their progress is monitored continuously by a full-time counselor and the principal.

All Twin Oaks High School students must be self-motivated and prepared to follow strict behavioral expectations and attendance requirements.

TOHS Mission Statement

Twin Oaks High School provides opportunities for students, through alternative means, to become responsible contributors to the community by fulfilling graduation requirements in preparation for entering postsecondary education and/or the world of work.