Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

1) Be On Time:

Get to school on time every day and always be in the room and in your seat ready to learn when the period begins.

2) Be Polite:

Show respect for yourself, your classmates and your teacher. Exercise common courtesy and do not disturb the learning of others.

3) Choose Your Words Wisely:

Inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted in any classroom or at any time on our campus.

4) Be Prepared and Organized:

Bring your classroom materials (binder, pens/pencils, paper, etc.) with you to class every day.

5) Get Involved:

To the best of your ability, be involved and productive in your classes by completing work. Do your schoolwork in class and allow others to do their schoolwork.

6) Leave Food & Drink Outside:

Help keep the learning environment in the classroom clean. (Water is acceptable)

7) Take Pride in Your Grooming... But not IN classrooms:

No putting on make-up and remember no head coverings in the classroom.

8) Focus on Learning:

All cell phones, CD Players, headphones and electronic devices must be turned off and put away while teacher is talking. They may ONLY be used with teacher permission.